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High Gain USB Omni-Directional Marine Antenna

If have a single laptop or computer on board and are looking for a rugged externally mountable WiFi antenna then our High Power USB Omni V2 could be just the product for you.

The unit connects directly to your laptop or computer via a 5m USB cable. The USB cable can be detached easily by removing the weatherproof gland at the base of the unit. This allows you to replace a damaged cable or use a shorter cable should you prefer. Using a longer cable would require the use of an active USB extension.

Authorised Dealers For: Maxsea Nobeltec Laptops #Navpixel Maxsea Furuno
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£ 89.99 ex. VAT

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 IBoost High Gain  Omni-Directional Marine  System - Local boat Hotspot.

The iBoost Omni-Directional System serves to both boost the externally available WiFi signal and repeat that signal at full strength inside your vessel, creating your own secure network with your own unique security code. This means that the system is compatible with any device which is WiFi enabled – connect your laptop, iPad, tablet, smartphone and even kindle – all at the same time! No drivers to install on your devices and no wires between you and the system.

£ 199.99 ex. VAT

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