MaxSea TimeZero Sports Fishing

Real-time PBG data

MaxSea TimeZero SportFishing is the first software that enables you to generate your own bathymetric data in real-time and displays it in 2D and 3D. MaxSea will record a sounder point every second.

Connected to the sounder, MaxSea updates the bathymetric database in real time. MaxSea PBG provides updated bathymetric data every time you use it.

Depth shading 3D gains precision and detail with PBG data as you can appreciate in the image.

User-friendly interface

MaxSea is easy to install, easy to use! MaxSea is ergonomic and helps you to sail the seas with greater safety.
It features all the benefits of the amazing
TimeZero 2D/3D chart engine.

Seamless NavNet 3D / NavNet TZtouch connection

MaxSea TimeZero SportFishing can connect to your NavNet 3D or NavNet TZtouch network right out of the box! You will have full control of your NavNet 3D/NavNet TZtouch Radar/Chart Plotter system directly from your PC.

MaxSea TimeZero SportFishing integrates seamlessly with NavNet 3D/NavNet TZtouch via Ethernet connection. Now you can access and control valuable information from your NavNet 3D/NavNet TZtouch network, such as Radar Overlay, Waypoints, Routes and more directly on your PC.