Maxsea Time Zero Advanced Routing Module

£240.00 ex. VAT

More performance in routing calculation

MaxSea Advanced Routing module offers accuracy and flexibility for the most demanding sailing conditions making the software routing calculation easier. It allows advanced sailors to manually control and adjust the weather file parameters in order to get more accurate results. It also introduces the variability notion, helping the skipper to identify the particular moments in the navigation where strategy choices are critical.

Routing variability calculation and display

After having created a routing you can display on chart the variability.

Variability's value allows identifying quickly important variation of wind direction and strength which require from the skipper a supplementary expertise of his forecasts, routing and sourcing files.

Variability is symbolized in the Routing tree by a more or less strong display density (as it is shown in the picture above beside).

The ability to overlay both together variability and Sailset allows you to clearly view each transition of different ways (as ridge) across the routing.

The Variability value is indicated in each line of the Routing center which corresponds to a time period of the weather routing.

Weather File Adjustment

It is possible to adjust the wind forecast data values, in order, for example, to take into account the hours or wind direction or wind speed, which has been prevailing in the zone for several days.

Increase or decrease the wind speed (%): move the cursor along the slide bar to modify to increase or decrease the percentage.

Increase or decrease the wind speed (value): enter directly a value.

Change Weather File Time: enter a specific time HH:MM.

Change Weather File in Latitude and Longitude.

Change Weather File Direction.

Increase or decrease in percentage Waves and/or Current values.