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7'' - 22'' Capacitive Touch PCs

faytech´s innovative IP65 Front Capacitive Touchscreen PC with its silent fanless operation, reliability, and fine craftsmanship, stands out from the competition. Flat edge to edge glass with a patented silicone rubberized seal ensures the front panel is water proof and dust proof meeting the requirements of IP65 standards. The back has a sturdy aluminum case manufactured out of a continuous casting mold with stable VESA-100 fixation bolts offering numerous industrial and consumer connectors like four serial ports, eight GPIOs or USB 3.0. The heart of the Touchscreen PC is faytech´s industrial fay-002 mainboard with the powerful but fanlessly cooled Intel Celeron J1900 QuadCore processor with up to 2.42GHz Core speed, equipped with 4GByte RAM, 64G SSD and Intel´s HD Graphic chipset, supporting FullHD, DirectX 11.1 and OpenGL 4.0.

7'' Capacitive Touch PC


£ 739.00

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12.1'' Capacitive Touch PC



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10.1'' Capacitive Touch PC


£ 789.00

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13.3'' Capacitive Touch PC


£ 859.00

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15'' Capacitive Touch PC


£ 989.00

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15.6' Capacitive Touch PC

£ Call.

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17'' Capacitive Touch PC


£ 1059.00

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21.5'' Capacitive Touch PC


£ 1119.00

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