Mapmedia MM3d Timezero Charts

MapMedia offers a complete range of nautical charts called .mm3d specially designed for Furuno's NavNet 3D and MaxSea Time Zero. MapMedia .mm3d charts are available in Raster Chart format or in Vector Chart format.

MapMedia Raster Charts are based on official hydrographic office and select private sourced paper charts. MapMedia Vector Charts are based on official hydrographic office.

MapMedia .mm3d vector charts combine the comprehensive data from C-Map by Jeppesen or datacore by Navionics, with the expertise of MapMedia.

How to choose your chart ?

Raster Charts:


If you have always used paper charts for navigation, the use of raster charts provides you a format you are already familiar with.

Reliability: a true color photocopy of the official paper charts of the Hydrographic Services.


Raster Charts become pixelated when over zoomed.

Vector Charts:


Dynamic aspect: the light-houses, buoys, soundings and coast-lines are objects that are digitally-linked and managed in a database. This provides the flexibility of customizing the charts and filtering data.


Vector charts become very inaccurate when over zoomed from the native scales.

Vasari Technology Ltd is a leading supplier of the Mapmedia mm3d format charts.

We can supply new chart areas or upgrades to your existing charts, whether its for a Furuno Navnet system or Maxsea/Nobeltec Timezero charting package. All you need to do is supply us with your Maxsea Licence Number or in the case of a Furuno Navnet system the SI Number and we will provide you with the unlock codes to download the latest version of your required chart. For those of you that do not have an internet connection we offer to load the chart onto a SD Card for Furuno Navnet systems or a USB Memory stick for PC based systems and post anywhere in the World!