iBoost Omni-Directional

Works with iPads, Tablets, Laptops & Smart Phones

What’s Included in the Box?

The iBoost Omni-Directional System serves to both boost the externally available WiFi signal and repeat that signal at full strength inside your  boat, creating your own secure network with your own unique security code. This means that the system is compatible with any device which is WiFi enabled – connect your laptop, iPad, tablet, smartphone and even kindle – all at the same time! No drivers to install on your devices and no wires between you and the system.

Because the iBoost Omni-Directional is a two tiered system, your internal network remains “invisible” to the remote hotspot you are connected to. The benefit of this is twofold – sites like Marinas only allow you to attach one device at a time; with the iBoost as far as the site is concerned just one device is attached (the iBoost) and you can happily attach all of your devices wirelessly inside the van. File sharing between your devices is safe and secure also. The Personal Hotspot is a small footprint wireless router with a sleek appearance and a built in WiFi antenna for your local network, capable of upto 150Mbps via the latest Wireless N standard (B/G also supported). Two network connections are available on the back of the router should you wish to connect any wired devices to the system as well.

The web interface has been fully customised by Marine-WiFi to allow you to easily setup the system using any device with a web browser. Simply turn the system on and connect to the secure hotspot named ‘MarineWiFi’ using the passcode printed on the reverse of the router. Open your web browser and type in and the iBoost’s web interface will load up and ask you to select an available network. No adjustment is needed with the iBoost Omni, all you need to do is choose where to mount the antenna, ideally raising it as high as possible. Once setup, the system will remember the settings allowing you to connect additional devices with no setting up required